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Thermal Transfer Ribbons For Barcode Label Printers

Supply And Manufacture Thermal Ribbons For All popular printer brands and models Avery Dennison, Cognitive, Datamax, Eltron, Intermec, Monarch, SATO, Printronix, TEC, Zebra, NOVEXX

Thermal Transfer Ribbons Available At Lowest Prices

Thermal Transfer Ribbons are classified as :

General Purpose Wax Ribbons
Wax ribbons are the cheapest of the thermal transfer ribbons and are used for general labeling like mailing labels, shipping labels, grocery labels, FMCG products, labels for chemist shops and many other such purposes where high durability is not required.

Wax/Resin Ribbons
Wax/Resin Ribbons provide printing with high durability and smudge and scratch resistance. These ribbons are used where the printing requires to have a long lasting finish. Labels with barcodes are usually printed using Wax/Resin Ribbons.

Resin Ribbons
Resin Ribbons provide highiest durability, smudge and scratch resistance and many other resistances. Resin ribbons are used for special purposes like warranty labels, labels which are exposed to chemicals, high temperature , laundery washing etc. Resin ribbons are used to print smooth and glossy materials like polyesters, polyolefins textile material like taffeta and satin where wax or wax / resin ribbons cannot be used. These are the most expensive of all the types of ribbons. There are different types of resin ribbons that are specialized to provide resistance to abrasion, heat, chemicals, high friction, washing / laundering etc....

Ribbons for Near Edge Printers
Near Edge Printing is an advanced printing process to the popular and commonly used flat head thermal transfer printing process used to achieve very high printing speeds upto 16 inches per second. Near Edge Thermal Ribbons are also classified in the same category namely WAX, WAX / RESIN and Resin each having their own sub types or categories.

Thermal Trnasfer Ribbons For Low End Desktop Printers
1/2 inch core ribbon for printers like Argox OS-214 TT, Zebra TLP-2844, Datamax E-4203, Sato CX-400, Intermec C4, PF 8, Godex Ez1100+, Citizen CLP 621 / 631 .....
Winding on Half Inch Core Ink Inside Or Outside, Flush Core Or Core With Full Width, Left Aligned, Center Aligned....
(XXX) x 65 MTR. / 90 MTR. / 100 MTR. / 120 MTR. / 150 MTR...........and many more

Thermal Transfer Ribbons For High Performance Industrial Barcode Printers
1 inch core ribbon for printers like Argox X Series, Argox G 6000, Avery Dennison (Flat Head), Avery Dennison (Near Edge), Citizen, Datamax DMX 400, 600, I-4308, I-4212, Prodigy Plus ,Printronix, Tec,Zebra Z4M, S4M, ZM400, ZM600 plus.......... Winding on Half Inch Core Ink Inside Or Outside, Flush Core Or Core With Full Width
Winding on One Inch Core Ink Inside Or Outside, Flush Core Or Core With Full Width, Left Aligned, Center Aligned....


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